The idea of “The Love of Your Life” may have been hijacked by Hollywood and Harlequin already long ago. But does such a thing really exist? And if it does, can you be sincere about it in 2014?

Today, even relationships are determined by competition. Lists of pros and cons are constantly made for existing or potential partners in order to evaluate future profits, just as if it were an investment. Is there still a place for love in capitalism?

Atelierhaus Mengerzeile‘s current guest artist, Björn Perborg, invited ten artist and two collectives to reflect on “The Love of Your Life”. The works range from painting, drawing and animation to photo, video, performance, glass and installations. Most pieces have been tailor made exclusively for this exhibition. The result is a diverse, intimate, poetic, pathetic and sometimes violent parade celebrating and mourning the greatest love of all.

Participating artists: Heike Bollig, Bettina Bruder, Dominik Fraßmann, Stefanie Gerhardt, Cynthia Girard, Sandra Heinz, Andrea Maria Krenn, Marcela Moraga, Christian Niccoli, Björn Perborg, Christina “Goldie” Poblador, André Sousa, Speech & What Archive, WALD